Turkey Sounds

Turkey Sounds 101 | Wild Turkey Vocalizations

Wild Turkeys make many different sounds, and each one can mean something different. Many hunters have become a turkey calling pros by using these sounds, but to do this you need to understand the meaning behind the call so you can know how to use it. Being able to distinguish the different calls is the first step after that being able to make the calls is next

Strutting Turkey

20 Conventional Turkey Hunting Myths | Debunked Turkey Myths

For new turkey hunters, the sport can be hard to fully understand. Turkeys have some of the keenest senses of all animals and can be difficult to hunt. Sadly, it is pretty easy to find false information that is widely accepted by less involved hunters. To combat this, I have put together a list of the 20 most common turkey hunting myths and answered whether or not they are true.