Write for Omega Outdoors

Want to write a guest post for Omega Outdoors? That’s great, here is what your post should look like. Omega Outdoors is focused on teaching hunters something new in every piece of content we produce. So each blog post is educational and normally centered around answering a question that hunters have. We do not post story posts or pure personal experience posts. Some personal experience mixed into your post is great but focus on the educational aspect of the post.


  • Your post idea must be approved first, if you already have a post written we will review it, or you can send a list of 3-5 topics and we will pick which one fits the site best. Topics must be centered around hunting (typically whitetail, turkey, or duck) or a closely related niche.
  • Articles should not be published elsewhere and will be entered into Copy Scape
  • Articles must be at least 800 words, preferably 1000-1500
  • Affiliate links are not allowed
  • Images should be included and should be royalty-free and not copyrighted.
  • 1-5 resource links should be included
  • There is no strict due date but faster is better
  • Upon completion, include an author bio and link to your website

Interested? Send me an email at Patrick.Long@omegaoutdoors.net and I will get back to you at the earliest convenience.