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Patrick Long

Kentucky 2016

Hi, and welcome to my blog Omega Outdoors. My name is Patrick, I am a college student and avid outdoorsmen in the great state of Georgia. I killed my first deer at the young age of 5 years old. Since then I have hunted nearly every year. I love hunting whitetail, ducks, and turkey, but most of all I love to learn. My goal is to teach every single one of my readers something new in every piece of content I make.

If I’m not outdoors, I am probably studying for my next big test, hanging out with my friends and family, or I am making content for the community around this blog. I work on this blog whenever I get a chance in between school and my different jobs, but I would greatly appreciate it if you subscribed to my email list so I can keep you updated my content and giveaways.

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