Duck Hunting From a Kayak

There are plenty of ways to duck hunt. Many of them are fairly basic, but have you ever thought about using a kayak to duck hunt? If you use a kayak you can have a major advantage over the average duck hunter. With a kayak, you can be much more mobile and get to spots other hunters cannot. Here is why you should consider using a kayak next hunt, and how it could help you become a better duck hunter.

Why Would You Duck Hunt From a Kayak?

Duck hunting from a kayak or canoe offers some advantages that you won’t have if you’re hunting purely on land. First, you can set your decoys up in a better position. If you are hunting from the land, then you are limited to set your decoys up close to the shoreline or as far as you can throw them or wade out. Being able to kayak around the water allows you to set your decoys up wherever you need to. 

Secondly, It’s easier to retrieve the ducks. If you don’t hunt with a dog, you might know the pain of having a duck land in the middle of a pond or lake. Having a kayak allows you to easily retrieve any fallen game. 

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Thirdly, you can get in better shooting spots and cover more ground. If you conceal your kayak well, you can position yourself pretty much anywhere possible on the water. This allows you to get in better shooting positions. 

Another benefit is that you can cover more ground in the day. Whilst shooting from the land you will have to carry all of your gear from spot to spot. With a kayak or canoe, you can easily transport your gear wherever you need. 

Camouflaging Your Kayak

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One of the most important factors when hunting from a kayak is your ability to conceal you and your craft. If you fail to do so, you might spend hours on the water and no ducks will come anywhere near you or your decoys. 

When it comes to camouflaging your kayak there are typically two options. Either purchase a ready-made blind which simply fits over you and your kayak and keeps you completely covered and blends you into the natural environment. Or, build your own blind/camouflage using natural vegetation you can find outside, such as long grass, straw, leaves, etc. 

Both options are adequate, but remember that natural blinds will deteriorate over time and will need replacing. 

Another great tip is to wear a camo hat and face paint. You will need to peak your head slightly out of the blind to view your decoys and any incoming ducks. However, you might put the birds off if they recognize you aren’t a natural obstacle. Facepaint and a camo hat can help avoid that. 

Also, you can make use of the surroundings, if there is a tree or lots of greenery on the shoreline, you can set up your position inside of the surrounding vegetation to remain even more concealed and out of sight. 

Steps to Duck Hunting From a Kayak

1 | Survey the area before you hunt. Either use google maps or walk/kayak the area beforehand to get an idea of the best spots you can shoot from and position your decoys. Always double check you are allowed to hunt and shoot in your given area.

2 | Ensure you have packed all of your gear correctly. You want to ensure you blind properly prepared and you have enough camouflage. 

3 | Deploy your decoy in your chosen spot. Make sure to spread them out, to make it look as natural as possible. 

4 | Once the decoys are set, get yourself into your position and apply your blind cover. 

5 | load your shotgun and set it resting in a position away from you and your feet in the kayak. 

6 | Now the waiting begins, keep a clear eye on the decoys and surrounding area and wait for your ducks. In certain kayak and canoe designs, it may be easier to either lie down or wait on your knees, whatever is easiest.  

7 | Once you’re done with the hunt, recover your decoys and make sure to pick up all of your spent shotgun shells. 

Other Helpful Tips:

  • Clean your gun regularly as it will likely get wet.
  • Wearing camo waders will help keep you dry in the kayak and if you need to step into the shallow water. 
  • Always wear your lifejacket – you can never be too safe. 
  • Always pick up your spent shotgun shells. 
  • When hunting duck, it’s likely that you will have a lot of gear in your craft making it more unstable. It’s wise to only use a kayak to duck hunt in calmer conditions. 
  • Clean your hull after every hunt to avoid introducing invasive plant species from one spot to the other.  
  • Stability of your craft is important, the longer and wider your craft, the more stable it will be. But always remember a bigger craft will cost you more and can be harder to maneuver in the water for first time kayakers.
  • Make sure to wear plenty of layers to stay warm

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